Cat kneading – Important things you need to know

Cat Kneading – Cats are very curious animals with very particular qualities and behaviors. In comparison to dogs, they have a very different character and are known mainly for their independence and limited displays of affection. However, it is possible to see cats that are very close to humans and feel very comfortable and calm in their presence. In this context, it is normal for cats to show different signs of well-being and affection, such as kneading or purring. Seeing these behaviors in your cat, you may have wondered why cats knead.

The kneading that cats do is a behavior learned during their kitten stage. This movement, performed with their front paws, allows them to stimulate the flow of milk from their mother. After this stage, the act of kneading in cats may continue and appear in different situations. These are some of them.

They are happy

One sign that your cat is content and comfortable with you is if it starts kneading with its paws. It may do this directly on you, on the couch, or a cushion. This response is usually accompanied by purring and is a sign that the cat is experiencing elevated levels of well-being. It is advisable to keep your cat’s nails trimmed so that they don’t accidentally harm you while showing affection.

Display of emotional bond

Cats are often known for their independent and aloof nature. However, when a cat has a high degree of socialization with humans and has established emotional bonds, it is normal for them to feel comfortable with people and enjoy their company. This is also one of the reasons why cats knead. When they are with someone they like and have a bond with, it is very common for them to knead as a sign of affection. So, if you have ever wondered why your cat kneads you, now you have the answer.

Additionally, it is also possible to observe these responses towards other living beings with whom they can establish bonds, such as dogs, rabbits, or other cats with whom they share space.

To make themselves comfortable

Sometimes, a cat’s kneading behavior may not be related to the presence of a person and may not be a display of affection. When you observe this behavior, it may mean that your cat is trying to make the surface where it will lie down more comfortable.

To mark territory

In addition to a display of affection, cats sometimes knead to mark the area or the human as their property. When a cat lives with other cats or animals, it may carry out this behavior to mark territory through the emission of pheromones.

As a way to get attention

Sometimes, cats knead not only as a sign of affection but because they want to get your attention. It is possible that you have been distracted for a while and your cat wants you to focus all your attention on them. To achieve this, they start kneading, hoping to receive love and affection. This usually happens with cats that are more dependent on humans.

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