What you need to know about pet rabbits

Just like dogs and cats, rabbits are also excellent pets. There are common questions that arise when pet rabbits are being talked about:

Why choose a rabbit? 

Where and how to adopt one?

Which breed to choose? 

This article answers these and other things you should know about pet rabbits. 

Wielding a gentle and lively nature, rabbits are greatly appreciated as pets. Adopting a rabbit involves a certain number of responsibilities and concepts to know. 

To best welcome your new pet, here are a few things to know before you start.

  • Calm and discreet, rabbits are beloved pets of both parents and children for their easy going nature. This does not mean that rabbits require less attention than other pets.
  • Rabbits are animals that require little space. However, they still need a living space adapted to their size and needs. It is also recommended to allow them to roam outside of their cage from time to time.
  • Like chickens, rabbits are very “green”. They feed on your peelings, vegetables, and fruits. However, rabbits are very greedy, and their diet needs to be regulated to avoid the risk of obesity.

Where to adopt a rabbit?

There are different methods to find the ideal rabbit:

In a shelter: Shelters take in abandoned rabbits, and while it is rare to find very young rabbits, it is still possible. It is also possible to adopt rabbits of all ages.

From a breeder: Breeders can raise various rabbit breeds and offer several litters each year.

A pet store: It is possible to find rabbits of different breeds that come from breeders.

From a private individual: Generally, there are many ads available online. Care should be taken to ensure the good health of the rabbit.

Which rabbit breed to choose?

Rabbits are classified into 5 major categories

  • Nain breeds: very popular among children, they weigh between 800g and 1.7 kg.
  • Small breeds: the weight of these rabbits varies from 2 to 3.5 kg. Currently, there are 17 breeds recognized in most countries.
  • Medium breeds: their weight can reach up to 5.5 kg. They are generally more resistant and robust.
  • Large breeds: considered the largest and heaviest, they can reach 11 kg on the scale and 80 cm in length.
  • Fur breeds: this category includes breeds that were traditionally raised for their fur.

What are the costs to consider for adopting a rabbit?

There are no strict rules on the price of a pet rabbit. It can vary greatly depending on the place of adoption, the breed, and the age of the rabbit. Dwarf breeds are generally the most expensive.

If you want to do a good deed and pay lower adoption costs while ensuring that your rabbit is in good health, it is better to turn to an association.

To best welcome a rabbit into your home, you will need to prepare. Here is a non-exhaustive list of items to buy:

  • An enclosure, hutch, or rabbit pen: it should be well-sized and suitable for the size of your rabbit.
  • A litter: there are many types available on the market. You can choose from hemp, flax, straw, or shavings.
  • Food: rabbits need suitable food, but they can also eat hay, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Toys: these accessories will prevent your rabbit from getting bored.

Adopting an animal is a commitment, and it is a decision that should be carefully considered. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or the nearest shelter before taking the plunge. They can provide advice on the rabbit breed that will best suit you.

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